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Commitment to Family Care:

At Circle Chiropractic we take a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment; complimenting our chiropractic services with massage, physiotherapy, reflexology, and BodyTalk, all under one roof.

With a strong commitment to family care and positive long-term results, our highly trained staff will work with you to create a custom treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle or workplace accident, we deal directly with WCB and SGI.


With many experienced chiropractors on hand, traditional and low force mechanical adjustments are used as part of our personally customized treatment plans; delivering long term health and mobility for patients of all ages.

Chiropractic effectively deals with stiff joints, joint pains, chronic pain, referred pain such as headaches, arm pain or leg pain, numbness or tingling, and reduced range of motion. Chiropractic can also be used along side a healthy lifestyle to stay well.

Massage Therapy

Female and male registered Massage Therapists are available seven days a week offering diverse specialties. Techniques range from light force to rehabilitation needs.

Massage Therapy is most effective for muscle soreness or stiffness, restoring range of motion in joints and to relieve sports-related muscle tightness.


This healing art uses pressure on point in the hands and feet to find and release areas of tension and dysfunction in the body. Many healing arts use the observation that the whole body is reflected in the smaller parts like the hands or feet.

Reflexology is used to treat a range of symptoms from indigestion to foot pain and is relied upon by many who have been unsuccessful with traditional medicine.